Ex-apprentice Matthias Fetscher, road transport specialist at Planzer Härkingen, went to SwissSkills 2018 because of his outstanding final grades – and managed a highly impressive eighth place.

Planzer apprentice Matthias Fetscher at the start

After completing his apprenticeship as a federally certified road transport specialist, Matthias Fetscher got the chance to take part in SwissSkills 2018. ASTAG reviewed the candidates and carried out a pre-selection process. Matthias ended up among the group of 20 apprenticeship graduates that ASTAG sent to SwissSkills.

Championship competition

The Swiss professional championships take place every four years. Over five days in Bern in 2018, apprenticeship graduates in 70 professions battled it out for the championship title in their professional categories. The team of road transport specialists felt the motivation in the air as soon as they arrived. The competitions started on the Wednesday. Every morning, the participants received an explanation of the various posts with practical yet demanding tasks. The road transport specialists had to ride on a seesaw and keep their balance, drive backwards with a trailer, mount snow chains, carry out crane work and solve theoretical tasks, among other challenges. The event was recorded on video with presenters reporting on radio.

A moving experience

The winners of the day were celebrated each evening, so the candidates knew who was going to advance to the next round. Four participants in each occupational category dropped out every day. As the week wore on, emotions surged and there was even the odd tear here and there.

‘I would like to thank Planzer for their support and hope that I can cheer on new Planzer apprentices at the next SwissSkills.’

Matthias Fetscher, ex-Planzer apprentice and finalist at SwissSkills 2018

Matthias Fetscher is very satisfied making it to the finals of SwissSkills 2018 and coming away with 8th place. And Planzer is proud of its talented road transport specialist.

SwissSkills Foundation

The SwissSkills Foundation coordinates the Swiss championships in over 70 professions and has enabled young contestants to take part in the international professional championships since 1953. More at swiss-skills.ch

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