Being on the move means quality of life. Nobody knows that better than logistics experts. That is why we launched the smallest mobile motel in Switzerland. At just 10 m2, the Planzer Motel combines everything you associate with that modern trucker feeling. 

Wedding anniversary, marriage proposal, theme night, global journey kick-off, reunion – ingenious occasions and a parking space are requested. Planzer singles out the most creative travel enthusiasts and parks the Planzer Motel at the desired location – on the pasture of a herd of zebu, before a breathtaking mountain panorama or under a railway bridge in the city.

Tom Lüthi shows how

Self-determined, on the move, free – this is the life of anyone who is passionate about the road and enthusiastic about high-horsepower engines – such as Planzer or motor sport professional Tom Lüthi. To share at least a little of this unique attitude towards life, we set the world’s smallest motel in motion. Tom Lüthi himself was the first guest. Casual, personable, he enjoys the lifestyle in the container, attached to the coupling of a tractor unit, and shows what a real driver needs to sleep, eat and relax.

Hotel comforts

The living area is equipped with a toilet, shower, refrigerator, sink, two hotplates, extractor, storage space, 150 litres of fresh water, LED ceiling lights and two additional gel batteries with priority switching. Camping chairs, a table and a barbecue are available for the outside area. Guests sleep in the driver’s cab, just like real truckers. Here, two comfortable bed sets, each with a TV and DVD player, a champagne cooler and immobiliser ensure all-round comfort.

Creative casting

The Planzer Motel is unique in every way, even the booking process. Anyone who wants to stay here can apply online with a compelling story. The only condition: the vehicle must not be in anyone’s way or leave Switzerland. Between June and late August 2020, the Planzer Motel was open to curious visitors in the Archhöfe summer garden on Archplatz in Winterthur.

‘You have to be old, 64 and almost 70, before you can spend the night in a truck like this for the first time.’

Theresia and Susanne, Planzer Motel guests

Tom Lüthi and the truckers from Planzer not only share a great passion for their job and high-horsepower engines, but also a unique feeling: being out on the road, getting around, discovering new things and enjoying those special moments. With the Planzer Motel, all of Switzerland can now share that feeling. Apply now at:

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