Companies create jobs and jobs ensure people’s survival. That’s why Planzer supports Switzerland’s BPN (Business Professionals Network) Foundation. This supports the development of companies and jobs with individual coaching, business training and loans.

How can Swiss companies participate in modern, economically oriented development aid? They can, for example, offer underdeveloped countries what they know best: far-sighted entrepreneurship. By promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action, the BNP Foundation contributes to meaningful prosperity in underdeveloped countries and opens up a new future for local people.

Helping people to help themselves

BPN has been supporting small business owners in developing countries with individual coaching, business training and loans since 1999. With a philosophy of ‘helping people to help themselves’, they assist local people in setting up their businesses professionally so they can both gain and offer jobs. This creates an economic foundation for their pathway out of poverty and enables a long-term livelihood. To date, BPN has supported almost 1,300 small businesses and over 23,000 jobs. This well-conceived aid programme corresponds to our understanding of sustainability. As a Swiss family company, we are proud to support BPN’s work with a financial contribution.

A clear idea, conviction, perseverance and the awareness that serious voluntary work both demands a lot and gives a lot back – these are the basic ideas behind BPN. There’s a great deal of overlap with our convictions as a sustainable family company. That’s why we decided to support the network financially.

BPN – a solid bridge between Swiss expertise and local development

The purpose of BPN is to support talented entrepreneurs in building solid small and mid-sized businesses. The BPN concept is based on four pillars and aims to create jobs. It is highly successful and is constantly being expanded. Following consolidation in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Rwanda, BPN has also been active in Georgia since 2016.

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