Neo QLED, Crystal UHD, 8K, Full HD, Smart TV, The Frame, Premiere 4K Triple Laser, The Wall, Super Big, Curved Gaming, WQHD, LED – those who have a visual display product from Samsung know what we’re talking about. And those who have the repair logistics from Planzer repair a defective screen for them know what they’re talking about: satisfaction with the repair process.

Repair and customer satisfaction – a contradiction in terms? Not if you ask us. After all, product failure is actually a great opportunity for a strong brand to demonstrate its quality standards. That’s why Samsung Switzerland has opted for a comprehensive repair logistics solution from Planzer for its visual display products. With Planzer Parcel or Planzer Home Services, our repair logistics staff pick up the device at the user’s location and bring it back when the repair is done – assembly included. ‘In Planzer, we have found a partner that can handle the volume and quality simultaneously,’ says Patric Jäger, Head of Customer Service, Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH.

Two processes from a single source

The size of the monitor or screen determines which Planzer logistics process will be used for the Samsung device. Visual display products up to 34 inches are handled by the Planzer Parcel service. In most cases, this involves PC or information monitors from corporate customers. Planzer provides special transport boxes for this. A driver from Planzer Parcel picks up the TV and display transport box that has been filled by the customer, brings it to the Samsung service partner and later returns it from there to the user at their home or office. For monitors over 34 inches, the Planzer Home Services fleet takes over and sends two repair logistics staff members to do the job. 70% of these devices are the TVs of private individuals and just 30% are the screens of corporate customers, such as presentation displays in conference rooms or big screens used for events. The employees of Planzer Home Services disassemble and pack the defective device on-site and bring it to the distribution centre in Spreitenbach. From there, it is sent to the Samsung service partner via general cargo transport. Once the repair is complete, Planzer Home Services returns it to the user and sets it up, ready for use.

Thinking outside the box

The TV and display transport box for visual display products up to 34 inches is a great example of successful co-creation between the value-creation partners Samsung, service partners and Planzer. The box can be adjusted for size, is self-explanatory with brief instructions and is 100% recyclable. The material meets the safety and sustainability requirements of Samsung. The box also fulfils all safety standards for the transport of parcels and offers protection for a fall height of up to one metre. To date, there has been no reported damage to devices transported in this in-house development. ‘The TV and display box for Samsung screens proves that co-creation functions on a sustainable basis. And thanks to the box, we need one less person for pick-up and delivery,’ says Heinz Wiedemeier, Director of Planzer Home Services.

Customers push the pace

If a Samsung screen is bigger than 34 inches, the customers contact the Samsung customer service. The repair is confirmed by them and forwarded to a service partner. The service partner then notifies the customer that Planzer Home Services will pick up the device as soon as possible. Using its own software, Planzer Home Services arranges a pick-up time with the customer, sends two personnel for the pick-up, removes the screen from the base or the wall, safely packs it in a larger box and brings it to the Samsung service partner.

The repair is generally done within one to two days. Then Planzer picks up the device from the partner as general cargo. At the same time, Planzer Home Services arranges a return delivery time slot within a time window with the customer and returns the device to them. The two employees from Planzer Home Services install the screen just as they found it and take the packaging with them when they’re finished. With Planzer, customers can control the timing of both the pick-up and return delivery and can contact the Planzer Home Services Customer Service Centre with appointment questions.

Sounds easier than it is

It all sounds quite simple, but it usually isn’t. The task, after all, is to repair a defect as quickly as possible. In the digital age, a black screen is almost as disastrous for the user as a grounding is for an airline. ‘Speed is a key factor in repair logistics. There’s always room for improvement here, together with our partners,’ says Patric Jäger of Samsung Electronics. However, the repair of screens holds further challenges in store for the involved parties. The displays of corporate customers, for example, are often found in conference rooms or as information systems in office buildings with limited access during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Working in step with a partner that has experience and trained staff also pays dividends when it comes to customs clearance, intermediate or longer-term storage, integration of the logistics application with the dealer’s or manufacturer’s ERP system and the correct entry and management of the data.

‘Our customers enjoy the great benefit of being able to track their goods from the transfer point at any time; they can follow the whole process via Track & Trace.’

Patric Jäger, Head of Customer Service, Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH

Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH

The Korean Samsung Electronics conglomerate is active in the business fields of entertainment electronics, IT & mobile communications and device solutions for private and business customers. With the success of the electronics segment, Samsung became an industry leader in the technology sector and today is among the top 10 brands. In Switzerland, Samsung employs some 200 staff at its locations in Zurich and Lausanne. For Samsung, talent and technology are the foundation for the development of superior products and services that contribute to a better global community.

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