Our greatest asset is your trust. That’s why you can expect 100% reliability and first-class technologies from our transport services at home and abroad. The common denominator is our commitment to your satisfaction, the security of your goods and the environment. Around 60% of your general cargo and parcel shipments travel across Switzerland by low-emission rail. And if your business extends across the border, you can trust in our international transport expertise, decades of experience with all types of customs clearance and smooth road feeder service.

Just the facts



shipments per day


shipments delivered by midday


sent by environmentally friendly rail

7,406 t

CO2 emissions saved


rail wagons each night


vehicles, including 340 subcontractors

11 mio.

clean rail kilometres per year



shipments per day


tonnes transported each day


vehicles in use


customs clearances per day

There’s more to transportation than transport

General cargo in Switzerland

Environmentally friendly rail transport, a dense Switzerland-wide network, dispatch with minimal empty mileage: these and many other qualities make our national general cargo stand out.

Pharmaceutical transport

For transport of pharmaceutical and biotech products, we adhere to the provisions of GDP/GMP/GxP, Swissmedic and other standard setters – without exception. That includes complete (recorded) temperature control.

Planzer Parcel

Under the Planzer Parcel label in the original Planzer retro look, we deliver shipments up to a maximum of 30 kg to business or private recipients – smile included.

Planzer Home Services

The end customer wants some of your goods delivered to their home? We’d be happy to. And you decide how far our Planzer Home Services go.

Overnight service

We also ship your parcels overnight to make sure they are delivered in Switzerland or Liechtenstein by 7:00 am at the latest. The cut-off for our overnight service is 10:00 pm.

Special transport

Extra-long, extra-wide, heavy shipments, crane shipments, special shipments – for this and many other requirements, we put our special transport into gear.

Container logistics

For almost 30 years, our container carriers have been keeping your sea freight afloat. We can rely on our strong container fleet and plenty of experience with GDP guidelines.

Private and business relocations

There’s always two sides to relocating: the sweet and the sweaty. Our relocation professionals take care of the latter, for private individuals, sole proprietorships or an entire branch network.

International transport

No matter where your goods are coming from, no matter where they’re going: with our international transport logistics, we bring your goods safely to their destination as partial or complete loads with just the right modal split.

Customs clearance

For customs clearance, we get you over the line with import and export, EU or transit customs clearances, and we can act on your behalf as your tax representative or as the authorised recipient/sender.

Road feeder service

Our feeder service gets your freight on the road. This expands your air freight capacities and consolidates the flow of goods at your key airports.

Keep up to date with the customer portal

Customer portal

In our customer portal, you will find a range of apps for managing your transport and warehouse logistics data around the clock. Here is an overview of the key apps:

Track your general cargo, Parcel, Home Services and overnight shipments in (almost) real time. As soon as we receive the goods, we apply an electronic tag to every shipping unit. So you always know exactly where your shipment is. As soon as we have delivered it, the delivery confirmation will be available to you as a PDF no later than three minutes after the recipient has signed it. You can also adapt automatic notifications to the needs of your customers. 

This app helps you manage your transport orders quickly and securely. You can enter them right in the system or change key data such as recipient instructions, delivery time or type of goods. All data from current orders is continuously retained so you can view it at any time.


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Automatic data transfer

Our IT department uses an electronic data interface (EDI) to link your ERP software with our transport or warehouse logistics system – or both. This ensures that all transport-related data such as sender and recipient, type of goods, number of items, packaging, gross weight, dimensions and all the information required for warehouse logistics such as article master data, production order, parts list, customer order, status bookings and returns handling match your ERP data.

Did you know…

… we don’t just deliver general cargo to business customers, but also private customers with Planzer Home Services and Planzer Parcel?

… we can extend your opening hours through the night with our overnight service?

… we can help your overseas trading with our container business, with over 60 towing vehicles and 220 different container chassis, most equipped with air suspension?

… we can also handle your overseas transport thanks to our own shipping service?

… we are so well networked around the world that your goods can access international markets within 24 hours?

… we offer you a wide range of warehouse logistics and customs clearance services at eight locations throughout Europe?

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