For us, the term technology encompasses a wide range of services around our motorised infrastructure. What they all have in common is that we combine them with  state-of-the-art technologies, expertise and experience. The result is added value for our employees, customers, other SMEs in Switzerland, ourselves and ultimately society as a whole. The centre of our technology is, after all, not just a technologically flawless vehicle fleet, but our activities in service of sustainability and mobility.

Putting the right spin on services


Conversion of the Curdin Orlik truck

Planzer Parcel

Creating the ice resurfacer – partnership with ZSC

Mechanical workshop

Our workshop revolves around the maxim that regular checks prevent breakdowns and enhance safety. This is where we conduct maintenance, services, computer diagnoses, repairs and motor vehicle inspections for all motorised and non-motorised vehicles. This includes our trucks, delivery vans, passenger vehicles and forklifts as well as all pulled units. Our close collaboration with manufacturers, importers and replacement part suppliers is indispensable in this process.

Metalworking shop

In the metalworking shop, we focus primarily on attachments. We overhaul our trailers and semitrailers, maintain lifting platforms and install tarpaulin covers.

Forklift workshop

In the forklift workshop, we focus exclusively on the various floor conveyors used in transport and warehouse logistics.

Windscreen service

Windscreens are highly exposed in everyday transport. Our windscreen service thus encompasses everything that’s part of a comprehensive service, from partial repair to complete replacement.

Tyre service

Tyres are as indispensable to the vehicle as a spanner is to a mechanic. In our tyre service, we replace or repair old and defective tyres, check the tightening torque of the lug nuts, re-profile tyres, wash the wheels, refurbish the rims and all manner of other tasks related to tyres. As Michael Macht remarked: Without grip, no assistance system is any use.

Paint shop

In our state-of-the-art paint shops, we perform all paintwork while ensuring appropriate protection for our employees. Our paint shop professionals are also well versed in ‘fair value repairs’ such as spot repair.

Body shop

In our first-class body shop, we remove small dents, rebuild complete bodies, perform restorations and handle all accident formalities from A to Z with the insurance company. For an optimal result, our painters and bodywork specialists work closely together.

Preparation, cleaning, polishing

In the service sector, it’s not just the feel that’s important, but also the look. That’s why we regularly wash all vehicles, cleaning the interiors and exteriors and polishing everything to a shine.

Lettering studio

We design foil lettering, print the foils, cut them to size and professionally apply them to the vehicles.

24-hour assistance

With specially trained staff and professional towing and assistance vehicles, we are ready to assist the people and commercial vehicles of the Planzer Group around the clock, in Switzerland or abroad, 365 days a year.

Washing, detailing, filling up

We operate state-of-the-art filling stations and car and truck washing facilities suitable for all vehicle types and accessible to all with the free Planzer badge at convenient locations throughout Switzerland. At our service stations, you can also have your tyre pressure checked and use powerful vacuum cleaners to clean the interior of your vehicle. Regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Flyer – Washing, detailing, filling up

Fleet management

Our fleet management encompasses a wide range of services around the motor vehicle fleet of the Planzer Group and other companies that rely on our expertise. This includes:

  • Market research, evaluation
  • Purchase/sale of vehicles
  • Internal vehicle scheduling for optimal resource planning
  • Product management and administration
  • Implementation of CI guidelines
  • Creating lettering concepts, tarpaulin management
  • Contract driver management
  • Fleet management software


As part of our telematics services, we equip our vehicles with on-board units (OBUs), devices for telemetry data transmission and other communication tools. Using these tools, we can collect information when and where we need it: in real time while at work.

Customer centre

Our technology experts have an answer for practically every vehicle technology-related question. With our customer centre, we’re ready to help you and Planzer employees, connect you with the right experts and coordinate everyone involved with your issue. Just get in contact with us.


Apprenticeships at

If you’re interested in technical professions, you’ve come to the right place. Every year, we train several hundred apprentices, including a high number of automotive specialists, painters, bodywork specialists and retail specialists. You can learn more about our apprenticeship positions on our apprenticeship web page.

Greater benefits, greater value

When it comes to our technology, you get everything from a single source.

We’re a qualified contact for all motor vehicle issues, including cars, towing vehicles, delivery vans, semitrailers, light and heavy trailers, air freight rollers, lifting platforms, swap bodies and much more.

We bring many years of experience with all relevant brands to our services for you.

We maintain direct relationships with most manufacturers and suppliers. This can be to your advantage in trickier situations.

Wherever you are in Switzerland, we’re nearby.

We have an old-fashioned concept of service: to serve.

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