Quality is often a matter of definition. For us, it’s the primary focus and thus synonymous with our understanding of service. We have developed our own in-house quality management system (PQM – Planzer Quality Management) that goes well beyond an audit-oriented ISO certification. PQM is based on the personal responsibility of our employees, works on a process-oriented basis and is implemented in a decentralised fashion – one task at a time.

Services with a seal of quality


Our quality management system operates in a matrix structure: technical managers work together with core teams of the individual group companies. In regular meetings, they analyse the past and future and evaluate KPIs. This reinforces know-how, responsibility and identification with the control apparatus. PQM is strictly organised and run almost entirely paperless. We conduct regular self-inspections and internal training courses. PQM is validated by various inspection bodies and is consistently documented. We undergo 50 to 70 external audits per year throughout the group.


Anyone who deals with food logistics on a daily basis like we do will be quite familiar with hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). Our warehouses are designed according to HACCP guidelines. For each new customer, we carry out a risk analysis in accordance with the HACCP and conduct an HACCP inspection twice a year. HACCP and GDP-relevant systems such as temperature monitoring and pest control are also checked at regular intervals and calibrated if necessary.

Driver instruction

Even before a driver rolls out in a Planzer vehicle for the first time, they spend five days at our training centre in Dällikon or Penthalaz. Here, we teach our drivers how we define transport quality and what quality standards we apply in providing our services.

GDP/GMP guidelines

GDP guidelines (Guidelines of Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use) only apply to medical products. They define strict requirements for temperature monitoring, which also apply to parcel shipping. End-to-end temperature control, including recording of temperatures, is now mandatory from pick-up all the way to final delivery. Our services are GDP compliant throughout the process. This is thanks to specially equipped vehicles and special temperature zones in goods handling. There is also a separate regulation for veterinary products. For medical products, there is a medical product regulation based on international law.

Swissmedic approvals

Whenever your goods require a Swissmedic approval, we obtain it. This involves regular reviews and detailed reporting.

«Planzer Workbench»

The Planzer Workbench programme aims to promote internal and external ideas that can be used as small everyday improvements or groundbreaking innovations. The future therefore holds a few challenges for us: climate change, global supply chains, increasing individualisation, new market players with disruptive business models, digital transformation with e-commercialisation, affordable technologies, available data and networked purchasing. It was with all this in mind that we launched the Planzer Workbench innovation programme back in 2021.

Greater benefits, greater value

Quality is part of the DNA of our family business.

The executive board determines Planzer’s quality policy. Quality is thus exemplified by the top management.

What we promise in terms of safety, we deliver without compromise – and we can prove it.

Our quality management system is not defined by annual audits but by taking responsibility on a daily basis.

The latest PQM audit found no critical deviations.

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