Storage is an important link in the value creation chain – even if your stored goods aren’t going anywhere. Our range of storage options ensures that your goods retain their quality and value and benefit from our vast experience in warehouse logistics as well as attractive synergies. You can deploy your human resources, time and money where you can create the greatest added value: on the market. 

Setting great store by performance

Receipt of goods

Receipt of goods: this is the first and most important step in top-class warehouse logistics – and our collaboration. Because this is where we set the benchmark for our quality standards. This is where we bring the flow of goods and the flow of information together. This process includes checking the truck, accepting and identifying your shipments before booking them into our IT system, assigning them to a storage location and finally storing them appropriately.

PID, SSCC and more.

We use scanners for mobile data acquisition to book your goods into our IT system. We give every intact pallet a pallet identification number (PID). The PID label includes warehouse-specific data such as lot number, expiry date, quantities and the serial shipping container code (SSCC). It is unique and remains on the pallet until it is completely emptied and the goods leave the storage chain.

In Pratteln, goods are received automatically. The pallets with your goods are transferred from the train or truck onto our conveyor system and into the fully automated high-bay warehouse. The SSCC is assigned at the order level.

Standard storage types

For your goods, the various Planzer sites offer storage types that will definitely be familiar to you: pallet storage, block storage, shelf storage, high-bay storage.

Fully automatic pallet storage

In the fully automated high-bay warehouse (HBW), your pallets are stored in temperature-controlled chambers. These have automatic temperature alarm monitoring. Goods are refilled according to FEFO or FIFO principles, depending on the order. The SSCC and shipping labelling is also machine controlled.

Automatic small parts warehouse (ASPW)

Our efficient ASPW in Härkingen is equipped with two fully automatic picking stations and one manual picking station, a shelving system, storage and retrieval system, conveyor technology and control system. With 24,000 ASPW containers, it offers space for over 70,000 items.  Our ASPW in Felben-Wellhausen has 16,000 containers for 60,000 articles. In both of these ASPWs, we work according to ‘goods to person’ and ‘pick by light’ methods. This space-saving storage is particularly suitable for small parts in standard containers, and it means your storage costs vary. By the way, our ASPW was devised based on the master’s thesis by a Planzer employee.

Storage types and temperature ranges

Depending on the type of product and its temperature requirements, we maintain special warehouses – for hazardous goods or pharmaceutical products, for instance – and temperature ranges encompassing temperature-controlled, ambient and cold storage – for storing foodstuffs, for instance.


If your production uses Kanban principles, you’ve come to the right place. We develop a Kanban process that exactly matches your added value, calculate minimum and maximum stock and pack or store the goods in predefined standard containers. This facilitates precision delivery of your goods to your production facility. Our experienced outsourcing project team supports your Kanban process, develops optimisation alternatives for your production process and implements them at your sites.

Air freight handling

Before your air freight is ready for take-off, we get it ready for carriage. This means that it is clearly labelled – if necessary with the appropriate hazardous goods warning label – screened in accordance with the strictest security requirements, collected in good time and also delivered punctually. Our road feeder service also includes constructing and equipping the pallets for the aircraft down to the centimetre and securing shipments accordingly. 

Individual customer solutions

For some goods, provision and loading needs an individual solution. In Märstetten, for example, we use our semi-automatic palletiser and fully automatic wrapper for household appliances. These solutions usually reach the return limit in under two years.

Customer portal

In our customer portal, you will find a range of apps for managing your transport and warehouse logistics data around the clock. Here is an overview of the key apps:

This is our web-based warehouse logistics tool for business and private customers. Here you can enter packing and picking orders, manage your warehouse master data, view your inventory, manage your blocking status as well as view and export delivery notes or invoice attachments. We electronically archive all documents relating to your stored goods. 


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Automatic data transfer

Our IT department uses an electronic data interface (EDI) to link your ERP software with our transport or warehouse logistics system – or both. This ensures that all transport-related data such as sender and recipient, type of goods, number of items, packaging, gross weight, dimensions and all the information required for warehouse logistics such as article master data, production order, parts list, customer order, status bookings and returns handling match your ERP data. If you do not want an EDI interface, you can enter your orders manually in our customer portal.

Greater benefits, greater value

Our warehouse logistics keep your storage costs scalable. You only pay for what you use.

You also free up capital that would otherwise be tied up in your own warehouse infrastructure.

We know what your goods need. We can find a suitable solution for every storage requirement.

You no longer have to worry about legal compliance with requirements and changes in laws. That’s our guarantee.

You can count on the quality, safety and efficiency of our warehouse expertise.

When we think of our partnership with Planzer for all the logistics involved in getting our plushies to our volunteers, the words that spring to mind are: ‘reliable’, ‘efficient’, ‘solution-focused’ and ‘proactive’. We’re proud as punch that Planzer can support us in our year-end activities too.

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