You’re individual, you’re demanding and you need an integrated approach. That’s why we offer you a wide range of total solutions. They all combine our services in different ways – transport, warehouse logistics, IT or areas like city logistics. No matter what industry or what purpose: we help you meet your challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Our total solutions keep the big picture in view


In e-commerce, we function as the long arm of your end customer, so to speak. We deliver your shipments to the front door or even beyond. And we ensure an excellent lasting impression. We can even take care of international pre-carriage of your goods, including your warehouse logistics.

Replacement parts logistics

Replacement parts are often the most important parts of all. So take advantage of our highly mechanised replacement parts logistics. In our Härkingen automatic small parts warehouse alone, we process over 70,000 replacement parts using the pick by light method.

Event logistics

Events may be a key way for you to present yourself in the best possible light. Our event logistics help you manage event materials, get them to the venue in good time and optimise your presence on site.


At home or in the gym – fitness equipment is highly popular. Our fitness logistics ensures equipment is fit for purpose when it gets to your end customer.


The food supply chain is not only vital, it is also extremely demanding. We guarantee conformity with your specifications, HACCP as well as our safety regulations.

Hazardous goods

You can entrust us with poisons, water-polluting substances, flammable liquids, chemicals, hazardous waste, explosives and samples. We bring your hazardous goods solution into harmony with ADR regulations and the strictest controls.

Household/professional appliances

For logistics involving electrical appliances large and small, you need a partner who is completely acquainted with transport, delivery, assembly, functional checks, rough cleaning, acceptance, packaging material and returns. And with your end customers.

Home and garden

Most people would say that their home and garden are their most important living spaces. Our Home Services bring everything you need for leisure, relaxation and comfort. Positive delivery experience included.

Home electronics

Our home electronics solution makes delivery of home electronics devices as easy as pressing a button. We offer first-class on-site service and a great mobile communication experience.

High-end logistics

We have the high-end logistics for your high-tech devices. We look after transport management, warehouse logistics and more.

Home/personal care

Professional home and personal care logistics require a virtuoso combination of efficiency, experience, reliability, compliance and quality. You’ve come to the right place.

Medical technology

Medtech device logistics call for specialist expertise. We bring our decades of experience to our medical service centre and to the transportation of highly sensitive medical and laboratory equipment.


When you buy new or used furniture, you usually want it to be delivered to your home and assembled. Your private and business customers benefit from Planzer’s Home Services and our mobile communication tools.


There are many good reasons for outsourcing logistics, or at least parts of the process. And there are many providers. But few meet the high quality standards of your organisation. We’re one of them.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

For many years now, we have specialised in highly sensitive pharmaceutical logistics and we are familiar with every paragraph of GDP/GMP/GxP, Swissmedic and other rulings. And above all with your needs.

Production supply

The efficiency and quality of your production supply often determine the success of your value creation. So put your trust in a partner who knows this business inside out.

Repair logistics

With our repair logistics, we bring TVs, monitors and other electronic devices from the end customer to the repair service and back, including customs and intermediate or longer-term storage if required.

Supply chain management

For many SMEs, supply chain management and fourth-party logistics (4PL) are still foreign concepts. We will show you the synergies hidden in your supply chain – and we speak your language.

Did you know…

… we deliver your online shop orders to your end customer’s doorstep and look after the entire warehouse management for you?

… we not only store and deliver your home cinemas and soundboards, but also look after repair management for them?

… we have space for over 70,000 small parts in our automatic small parts warehouse in Härkingen and we can provide them using the pick-by-light method?

… we not only transport hazardous goods, but also maintain dangerous goods storage logistics in accordance with all ADR rules?

… we look after the logistics of food and personal care for you with 100% HACCP conformity?

… that our production supply can ensure the efficient provision of your production lines?

… that as your provider for fourth-party logistics (4PL), we can unlock the potential of your supply chain?

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