Planzer was founded in 1936 by our grandfather Max Planzer and has operated as a family-owned company since 1966. As a family business, people are at the heart of the enterprise – without them, nothing works. That’s why we cultivate a decidedly family-like company culture. This encompasses decency, respect, diligence and, last but not least, a good deal of fun. A company generations in the making thinks in terms of more than one generation. A lasting approach is more important to us than short-term profits, and we combine this long view with common sense. The result? Swiss quality and a partner that is in it for the long haul with you. Learn more about our history here.

Everything you need to know about us

We employ more than 5,300 people at 59 locations in Switzerland and 9 abroad: in Italy, Germany, France and Hong Kong. We also have over 370 young adults who are completing their apprenticeships with us.

We offer our business-to-business customers first-class transport and warehouse logistics services as well as a variety of customer-oriented total solutions – including as a 4PL provider in the area of supply chain management. For services with private recipients (business-to-consumer), such as with Planzer Parcel, Planzer Home Services and pharmaceutical transports in accordance with GDP guidelines, we bear the elegant founder’s logo.

With locally anchored companies and a dense network of partners, our operations extend far beyond the Swiss border. For years, we have been handling 60% of our transports by low-emission rail and 40% by road. In the area of warehouse logistics, we were able to save 20.6% of CO2 emissions per processed kilogram in 2018 – which we think is a highly encouraging result. Learn more about the topic of sustainability here.

Living our values


We place great importance on our family and company values because they make us strong. We combine our strengths for the benefit of our core services of transport, warehouse logistics and special solutions, in the interest of maximum quality of work. To this end, we give our best day in and day out, while always keeping our common goal in mind.

Family oriented

People give a face to our company and a voice to our values. Today, the Planzer Group employs a staff of over 5,300, including over 350 apprentices.


A family like ours thinks of the world we leave behind. We care for our fellow human beings, the environment, tools and resources. And above all: the future. Moreover, we foster sustainable professions and well-trained junior talent.


It is in the nature of our profession to remain mobile. This applies to our thinking in terms of solutions and our processes. We do not always chose the direct path, but often the cleverest and always the most efficient way.


With courage for new things and a sense for what is doable, hardly any prospect is too daring for us. We take care to ensure people and goods are safe in every aspect. And although we are digital, we still value a handshake and a face-to-face talk.

Planzer in numbers


foundation sole proprietorship


family-owned stock company

Modal Split

60% rail, 40% road


locations, including 9 abroad


railway wagons per day


vehicles, including 340 subcontractors

1’060’000 m2

storage space


high-bay warehouses for 177’000 pallets









over 50 years old

Our Executive Board

Nils Planzer


Nils (1971) started as a truck mechanic and continued his education in various fields. He joined the family business in 1997. His father Bruno handed over the reins as CEO six years later. Since 2007, he has been President of the Planzer Board of Directors. Nils likes direct communication, bold decisions, refreshing encounters, people who enjoy their work, sports, good food, the mountains and the sea.

Severin Baer

Director of National Transports, Board of Directors

Severin (1985) is a trained truck mechanic and studied various professions, including as a technical business administration specialist. He joined the family business in 2005. He is a member of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors, as well as a shareholder of Planzer. Severin heads the national transport business. He values passion, diligence and honesty. He particularly appreciates straightforward people. In his private life, Severin likes to spend time with the family and go skiing.

Nicolas Baer

Head of International Transport, Board of Directors

Nicolas (1987) studied to become a forwarding agent. After a two-year stay abroad, he studied business economics at the university of applied science for three years. In 2010, he began his career at the family business. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Executive Board, partner and member of the Board of Directors of Planzer. Today, he heads the international business unit. Nicolas embodies the values of family, team-spirit and friendship. In his private life, his motto is simple: family and sports.

Marius Buhl


Marius (1973) completed his school leaving exam and earned a degree in business administration. Since 2019, he has been a member of the Executive Board and is responsible for Finance & Controlling. He values transparency, reliability, flexibility, open communication, listening and a healthy sense of responsibility. Marius spends his private hours with his family, youngtimers, technology and music.

Patrik Meier

Director of Warehouse Logistics

Patrik Meier (1973) completed a commercial apprenticeship, followed by an advanced business degree and is currently enrolled in an Advanced Management Programme. He started at Planzer in 1999 and took the reins as the Head of Logistics and member of the Executive Board in July 2021. The values of decency, respect, fairness and honesty are particularly close to his heart. He recharges his batteries by jogging, skiing, travelling and spending time with his family.

Jakob Nielsen

Director of Planzer Parcel

Jakob (1975) trained as a photographer. Later, he completed his master’s degree in Copenhagen. He started out at Planzer as the Managing Director of Quali-Night in 2014 and has headed Planzer Parcel since 2017. He has been a Member of the Planzer Executive Board since 2018 and coaches the Quali-Night overnight service. Jakob appreciates direct communication, honest people and a good drop. And he likes to cook the accompanying meal himself.

Hansruedi Vogel

Director of Central Support
Hansruedi (1980) started as an electrical fitter and continued his education in various fields before earning his master’s in process and logistics management. He joined Planzer in 2006 and has headed Central Support since 2021. Hansruedi is open to new things. He finds honesty and punctuality essential for successful collaboration. He enjoys spending his free time on the bike, on the football pitch, playing poker and indulging his cooking hobby.

Heinz Wiedemeier

Director of Planzer Homeservice

Heinz (1966) trained as a Non-ferrous metalworker, graduated from business school, became a marketing planner and finally a successful entrepreneur. He joined Planzer in 2014. He is a member of the Executive Board and responsible for the B2C business. Heinz believes that you have to make mistakes to make progress. He loves honesty and authenticity, gnarly ski runs and enjoyable evenings with friends.

Our Extended Executive Board

Philipp Bättig

Director of Real Estate for German-speaking Switzerland

Philipp (1973) trained as a civil engineering draughtsman and graduated a couple of years later as a civil engineer. He started at Planzer in 2005. Today, he leads the real estate division together with Lukas Ricklin and is in charge of German-speaking Switzerland. He is also a member of the investment committee of the Planzer pension fund foundation. The running enthusiast and art lover values independent and objective working styles and appreciates the family environment at Planzer.

Andrea Brosi

Head of Human Resources

Andrea (1983) studied law before joining Planzer in 2015. In 2019, he became Director of HR. His goal is to work together with team-oriented, loyal and fair colleagues to achieve goals and make a difference. Andrea values direct, personal communication and a healthy working environment. In his private life, he enjoys winter sports, climbing, golfing and hunting.

Jan Pfenninger

Director of Marketing & Communication

Jan (1987) completed a commercial apprenticeship and later earned a bachelor’s degree in business economics. He has been with Planzer since 2002. He took over as Director of Marketing & Communication in 2015 and has been part of the Extended Executive Board since 2019. Jan pushes, performs and communicates with typical Planzer diligence. The way people treat each other like family and as equals is right up his street. He spends his free time with good wine, nice people and producing music.

Karin Purtschert

Managing Director of the pension fund foundation of Planzer Transport AG

Karin (1972) is a trained commercial employee and continued her education as a pension fund specialist. She started at Planzer in 2012. She has managed the pension fund since 2017. She embodies a modern and cooperative leadership style, places trust in people and delegates responsibility. She appreciates the culture of hard work, the togetherness and the enjoyment she finds at Planzer. In her private life, she enjoys spending time with family, running and hiking in the mountains.

Lukas Ricklin

Director of Real Estate for Western Switzerland

Lukas (1970) completed his architecture studies in 1998 and later worked as an architect and project manager in Switzerland and abroad. He has run the Planzer real estate department alongside Philipp Bättig since 2009 and is in charge of western Switzerland. He became part of the Extended Executive Board in 2015. He values the family-like atmosphere, the can-do spirit and decisiveness at Planzer. In his free time, he enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Hugo Rodriguez

Director of IT

Hugo Rodriguez (1987) completed his commercial apprenticeship at Planzer Transport, then became a qualified technician HF in information technology and is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in business information technology. In 2018, he took over as Head of Software Engineering and Data Analytics. Hugo has an open and respectful communication style. He sees change as an opportunity to grow. Outside of work, he likes to travel, exercise and spend time with his family.

Hansjörg Rupp

Director of Technology

Hansjörg (1975) trained as a car mechanic and eventually became a car salesman. He started out as branch manager of the Planzer garage operation in Kallnach in 2006. Today, he manages the technical department and is responsible for the purchase of rolling stock. He finds it important to be honest, loyal, diligent and authentic. He values healthy self-confidence, social competence, trust, variety and the great team. He likes to recharge his batteries in the mountains, on the bike, running and cross-country skiing.

Willi Gärtner

Director of Quality Management

Willi (1963) is a trained electrical fitter, electronics technician TS and business graduate. He joined Planzer in 1995. He has headed logistics and quality management since 1998. He is also the responsible technical specialist for pharmaceutical products and anaesthetics. Willi demands and embodies honesty, reliability, flexibility and perseverance. He appreciates when people break new ground. His favourite way to relax is with family, on the bike or in nature.

Our Board of Directors

Nils Planzer


Severin Baer


Nicolas Baer


Pascale Planzer

Member of the Board of Directors

Pascale (1969) passed her Baccalaureate and completed teacher’s college. In 2002, father Bruno asked her to join the Board of Directors, where she brings an outsider’s view and her intuition to the Board’s deliberations. She is currently pursuing a Certificate of Advanced Studies for members of boards of directors. Pascale looks for the good in people, stays focussed on the moment and likes to get outside her comfort zone. She likes to let her spirit wander in nature, for example in the mountains or on the golf course.

Alessandro Celli

Member of the Board of Directors

Alessandro (1962) studied law and became a partner at Baker McKenzie. He has been a member of the Planzer Board of Directors since 2011. His work focusses on legal issues, compliance and risk assessments. His core values include passion, courage, optimism, independence and trust. Alessandro likes to recharge his batteries on the bike, doing pilates, reading and pursuing his interest in architecture.

Thomas Nieszner


Thomas (1956) did a commercial apprenticeship and later completed an MBA at Columbia University in New York. He became a member of the Planzer Board of Directors in 2015. As a dyed-in-the-wool shipping specialist, he is responsible for everything to do with the domestic and international logistics business. Thomas appreciates people who are honest, respectful and tolerant. He dedicates his free time to downhill and Nordic skiing, hiking and his grandchildren.

Linus Sulzer

Member of the Board of Directors

Linus (1963) trained as a structural draughtsman and then completed a degree in architecture. He joined the Planzer Board of Directors in 2009. He is responsible for all construction matters. Linus appreciates people who put their cards on the table. He believes in getting things done, a sense of responsibility and the rules of engagement. In his free time, he can be found on the green or travelling.

Gerard van Kesteren

Member of the Board of Directors

Gerard (1949) studied business economics and became an auditor. He has held numerous positions on boards of directors and founded the van Kesteren Foundation. He joined the Planzer Board of Directors in 2015. Here, he is responsible for everything related to strategy and finance. Sharing joy and well-being are priorities for Gerard. He dedicates his free time to nature and his foundation.

Questions for Nils Planzer

You stand behind a Swiss family company in a fast-moving industry with your name. What do you find particularly important in this regard?

Ever since my grandfather Max Planzer founded our family company, we have placed particular importance on one characteristic: hard work. Personally, I want to ensure that we hand over a healthy and successful foundation to the next generation. That depends not only on economic success, but also an intact and firmly rooted company culture. That’s enormously important to us.

Sustainability is a key topic at Planzer. What does that mean for you? And why is it so important?

Sustainability is part of the DNA of a healthy family company. It’s in the nature of things because family businesses think in terms of generations. This long-term thinking differs from the short-term profit-maximisation of listed companies. Deeds are what matter, not words.

Where do you see Planzer in 30 years?

I hope that we will continue to develop positively in business and cultural terms and that we retain our values. And that the next generation and the one after that continue to have success, work hard, enjoy working for Planzer and keep their focus on what customers need. Along the way, we will develop sustainably around the world from our base in Switzerland – with global interfaces and regional roots. And people will always be at the centre of that.

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