Our IT is no ordinary IT. We employ over 60 people with technology-specific training as networking specialists, data scientists and software programmers, to name a few examples. And then there are more than 30 more people at Maison du Software (more on that below). Like many companies, we are also going through the digital transformation on our way to becoming an agile, mobile and technology-based organisation. And that makes you, our customer, more mobile and connected as well.

Services that are more than just ones and zeroes

Infrastructure service

Across our group, we pursue a cloud-first strategy and work closely together with our partners at Microsoft. We operate our virtual servers and the network independently. This includes 24/7/365 support, Voice over IP, maintenance and continuous updating of state-of-the-art workplaces across all our locations and much more.

Service desk organisation

Our employees are our customers. We manage the interaction with users and take care of incidents and service requests. Using a ticketing system, we receive the service requests and resolve them in the order in which they were received. In procurement, we use local resources whenever possible. For operational touchpoints, we offer a 24/7/365 standby service.

IT and cybersecurity

Cyber and IT security are so important to us that we have a dedicated department for them. IT security is an integral component of our security standards and a top priority for our company. We have established a layered security architecture with security hygiene practices and basic security measures as the foundation. We also maintain streamlining security management and operations and focus our efforts on common attack vectors such as phishing. We constantly monitor the threat landscape, raise the cost for attackers and thereby minimise risks. We also carry out company-wide information security and awareness campaigns.

Data integration services

Even today, over 80% of information passing between our business partners and us is digital. In the Data Integration team, we build EDI interfaces to ERP and other systems and thereby accelerate error-free digital data flows. Quickly and effectively integrating control and peripheral systems in our world is part of our everyday business.

We are able to connect clients and their peripheral systems very quickly and efficiently and thus establish system-level collaboration.

Business services

Our IT project managers are highly trained in the area of project management and can execute all manner of internal projects. The process starts with the request, continues with the design and evaluation, and culminates in the implementation and operational handover. This could be group-wide projects like the rollout of hardware or the introduction of complex software systems.

Validated IT systems

Depending on the customer and industry, our IT landscape has to meet strict customer standards. In such cases, we have to have every component checked by the manufacturer. For these security and quality requirements, we accept only one standard: 200%.

Digital transformation

The number one topic in IT is also at the top of our list. Digitalisation continuously compels us to think in terms of networking throughout our entire value chain. Examples of the digital transformation run the gamut from social media, Big Data, cloud services and smart devices to the Internet of Things and blockchain – technologies that not only accompany our lives but also shape and change them.

Smart working

Today, we work across teams in a goal-oriented and agile way, wherever possible. We provide modern workplaces with a consistent cloud-first strategy, Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Co-working spaces and working from home have also become part of our industry and our working world. We’re constantly helping our employees to develop with the help of e-learning tools and a talent development programme. Agile working methods such as Scrum are the order of the day for us; they enable us to react quickly to our clients’ needs and to continuously implement improvement processes in various areas with the help of the DevOps approach.

Software engineering

We have been developing our ERP systems for transport, warehouse logistics and parcel services under our own steam for a little longer than 20 years. The trick of bringing stalwart systems like IBMi together with new systems based on the latest technologies and getting the absolute maximum added value out of them is one of our core competencies.

With our broad and varied spectrum of activities, we bring a comprehensive set of tools to the job. From monolithic Cobol and RGP developments to service-oriented developments using Java and C# to PHP, Python and Ruby, our applications build on many different programming languages and the respective technologies.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain from the Internet of Things (IoT) are also omnipresent in transport and warehouse logistics, and we are hard at work developing forward-looking and innovative systems in those areas as well. This enables us to support to our business units in terms of the digital transformation and Industry 4.0 in optimal fashion and generate clear market advantages on that basis.

Data analytics

Big Data is another big topic with us. We collect and evaluate relevant information from every system in the Planzer Group. In addition to building our data lake, we also generate insights and discover anomalies with the latest methods such as machine learning. Our Data Analytics team was established in 2020. We work across the whole company with every department and division within Planzer. We help the business units continuously improve their processes, gain new insights, discover connections and synergies and can even help identify promising new business opportunities at an early stage. We visualise our analyses with the best tools – Power BI is a good example. We use the latest Microsoft technologies for analytics and Big Data and always keep pace with the times by staying in close touch with our partners.

Maison du Software

Software for specialised companies has to be the perfect fit, and that’s particularly true for the logistics business. It’s the only way to stay nimble on the market. Requirements of this type are our bread and butter in our ‘Maison du Software’. Here, we design digital applications adapted to the needs and changes of your company and your industry. And to the requirements of advanced software engineering.

More information is available at maisondu.software.


We see apprentices as our future. So we place a lot of importance on our apprenticeship structure. Every year, we train young apprentices to be  Federally Certified Information Technologists (EFZ). This four-year basic education is ideal for technically minded, logical-thinking young people who take a systematic approach and are interested in the complex aspects of IT. This apprenticeship gives them insights into every part of our IT apparatus, from the technical department to project management and the service desk department. And with a one-month stay at an external branch, they get additional experience for their professional future.

More information about our apprenticeships is available at www.planzer-lehrstellen.ch.

Greater benefits, greater value

IT is no secondary matter for us, but a primary focus. We put our concentrated brainpower, the latest technologies and state-of-the-art tools to the task.

Whatever type of project you undertake with us, we have the requisite capacity and IT expertise in-house. This enables us to act in a quick and targeted fashion.

Our IT department is a team of absolute professionals. They not only have the latest IT skills, but also speak the latest programming languages.

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