If you make or sell high-end solutions, you know: in this business, the end-to-end logistics are a key factor. With our high-end logistics, we enhance the value creation of your devices and spare parts. So you can choose the right services for your business from a panoply of options: we store, transport, de-palletise, unpack your devices, put them in place, assemble them and support your installation team.

High-end services for your high-end business

Transport management

We handle the entire transport planning for your high-tech devices and deliver them by day or night with two-person crews and special air-suspension vehicles – within two working days in Switzerland. Where desired, we can also take care of the on-site setup, installation and repair logistics. Or whatever else might be useful in the high-end business.

Warehouse logistics

The warehouse logistics of high-end devices includes more than the storage itself: end-to-end incoming inspection, storage in the optimal storage type, picking, set-packing, marking, packing and shipping preparation. We can also take care of the cross docking transshipment, the merge-in-transit, replacement parts storage management, serial number management and even your returns. If desired, we will build and maintain your online shop or prepare your goods for national and international onward shipment.

IT equipment

Control cabinets, slide-in modules, servers – whatever hardware is planned for a data centre or cloud hoster, you can rely on the experience of our high-end professionals. And because replacement parts are time sensitive in this market segment, we handle the replacement parts logistics in-house.


In this field, we take a closer look at your analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, be it pH meters, titrators, thermal analysis instruments, density meters, refractometers or spectrometers. Incidentally: we’ve been qualified for pharmaceutical transports in accordance with GDP for many years.

Digital signage

Digital guidance systems and screens are finding their way into many areas: in open-plan offices, as orientation aids in public buildings, in the shop windows of modern retailers or, more recently, as mobile information systems on the COVID-19 measures in supermarkets. We deliver the devices, hang them up, screw them to the base or the floor and get them ready for connection to the in-house IT.

Therapy and rehabilitation

In the health sector, a variety of device types and furniture are used in therapy and rehabilitation: muscle training machines, apparatuses for induction and laser therapies, equipment for light, magnetic field or short-wave therapies, motorised hospital beds, side tables, cupboards and much more. We set these apparatuses and furniture up with pinpoint precision and get them all ready for commissioning.

Cleaning technology

In this sub-market, we handle industrial cleaning machines for hospitals, hotels, senior centres and nursing homes. This includes professional dishwasher and washing machines for the in-house kitchen and laundry. We deliver the devices, set them up at the end location and take care of the water connection.

Vending machines

In a touchless age, much takes place automatically. Examples include the sale of snacks, food and tickets at railway stations and highly frequented areas. We deliver new devices with centimetre precision and pick up repair devices.

Automated teller machines (ATMs)

Cash is frequently handled by robots. ATMs are the best-known example, with cash recycling machines and automated deposit machines being somewhat less common. For us as high-end logistics specialists, they’re part of our everyday work.

Retail and e-commerce

Shopping involves a variety of different devices: self-scanning stations, film developing machines and automated pick-up points, to name just a few. We’re the pros at bringing these to the end location and are just as proficient at bolting them to the base or floor.

Power supply

Anyone who’s on the move needs energy. And those who are concerned about sustainability need electricity. In this market segment, we safely carry out the transport, anchoring and provision of refuelling systems for electric vehicles and e-bikes at hotels, filling stations or public places.

Customer portal

In our customer portal, you will find a range of apps for managing your transport and warehouse logistics data around the clock. Here is an overview of the key apps:

This is our web-based warehouse logistics tool for business and private customers. Here you can enter packing and picking orders, manage your warehouse master data, view your inventory, manage the blocking status and view and export delivery notes or invoice attachments. We electronically archive all documents relating to your stored goods. 

Track your general cargo, overnight, parcel and Home Services shipments in (almost) real time. As soon as we receive the goods, we apply an electronic tag to every shipping unit. So you always know exactly where your shipment is. As soon as we have delivered it, the delivery confirmation will be available to you as a PDF no later than three minutes after the recipient has signed it. You can also adapt automatic notifications to the needs of your customers. 

This app helps you manage your transport orders quickly and securely. You can enter them right in the system or change key data such as recipient instructions, delivery time or type of goods. All data from current orders is continuously retained so you can view it at any time.


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Automatic data transfer

Our IT department uses an electronic data interface (EDI) to link your ERP software with our transport or warehouse logistics system – or both. This ensures that all transport-related data such as sender and recipient, type of goods, number of items, packaging, gross weight, dimensions and all the information required for warehouse logistics such as article master data, production order, parts list, customer order, status bookings and returns handling match your ERP data. If you do not want an EDI interface, you can enter your orders manually in our customer portal.

Greater benefits, greater value

We have over 25 years of experience in high-tech logistics – in transport, it’s multiple generations.

We provide you highly trained high-tech logistics experts and a Europe-wide network.

Throughout Switzerland, we’re always nearby with storage spaces and our own transport branches.

For your highly sensitive equipment, we operate state-of-the-art special vehicles.

As experienced rollout specialists, we set up thousands of devices every year.

We even take care of the environmentally appropriate disposal of disks, old devices and packaging material.

As a partner of Planzer for many years now, what we appreciate above all is the open and rapid communication, high reliability and that they always find a solution – no matter how tricky the situation appears at first.

René Varela Verantwortlicher Energiesysteme, Jungheinrich AG Schweiz

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