Our GTC aim to offer a clear basis for our cooperation and make things simpler. Once we might have just shaken on it, but things are a bit more complex now. We have different GTC for transportwarehouse logisticsPlanzer Home Services and Planzer Parcel. This ensures that you and we share the same concept of quality in the transportation and warehouse logistics business.

General cargo transport

These GTC govern shipments that we deliver throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein within 24 hours.

Warehouse logistics

These GTC govern the storage of goods at our locations in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. The usual warehouse logistics services are also included.

Home Services

These GTC define our cooperation in delivering goods to your customers directly at work or at home, either to the kerb (Home Delivery) or to the end location (Home Delivery+).


These GTC define our cooperation when we deliver parcels for you in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

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