What we call city logistics is an efficient and synergy-minded concept for the sustainable pick-up and delivery of goods such as cargo and parcels in urban areas. The focus is on  rail as the main means of transport. With city logistics, we are pursuing multiple different objectives: we are linking the demand for supply quality in urban centres with public concerns, lowering noise and emissions levels and improving the economics of cargo transport.

Benefits for people and the environment

Bundling of goods over the last mile

In city logistics, deliveries to businesses are not carried out individually by different delivery carriers. Instead, goods are received at our city railway centre overnight and via rail from all over Switzerland. Here, we load them in the distribution vehicles destined for a specific recipient.

Environmentally friendly vehicles and drivers

Using conventional trucks, delivery vans or vehicles with alternative drive technologies such as our electric trucks, we deliver the goods to the city recipients in short delivery runs to specific neighbourhoods. On the way back, we pick up other goods. Our city drivers are trained to drive in an environmentally friendly manner and know their routes inside out, with all the construction sites, one-way streets, additional customer wishes and special conditions for the delivery.

The future will be exciting – and more sustainable

Driverless delivery could become a reality more quickly than one might expect. Together with Udelv, we are steering towards this vision of city logistics. Big cities have a lot to offer – and a lot to do. Traffic chaos, overcrowding and carbon emissions are just a few of the challenges facing dense inner cities. Most city centres are not suitable for last-mile deliveries: the streets are too narrow, the transport concept optimised for passenger transport, the laws too rigid.

Road and rail transport optimally combined

We can get anywhere quickly in our trucks and delivery vans. At the same time, as an environmentally friendly means of mass transport, the railway covers long distances overnight, making good use of night-time hours – quietly and with low emissions to boot. We ably combine these strengths with city logistics for a better quality of life in Swiss cities.

The synergies of divergent interests

Conflicting interests are a fact of life in cities: shop owners and service providers want to ensure a steady supply of goods and services. Residents want as little noise and foul air as possible. And transport companies also want to work in efficient and customer-friendly ways in urban centres, reduce their carbon footprint and stay competitive all at once. With our city logistics approach, we bring all these interests together.

Learn more in our city logistics brochure:

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Greater benefits, greater value

With city logistics, we reduce the number of runs into the city centre by bundling the deliveries while still ensuring reliable supply chains.

As a sender, you can be more flexible with your planning. If we pick it up today, it will be there tomorrow. And as a recipient, you can even have the parcel forwarded to a different address with our parcel service.

As a family-owned company, personal matters are close to our hearts: you won’t find a 0900 hotline with us.

Our drivers know the routes, the traffic rules, obstacles and special conditions at the delivery location.

With rail transport, we use a low-emission means of transport and take advantage of the valuable night hours.

We shorten the delivery chain and improve our and your carbon footprint.

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