International supply chains tend to hold some interesting synergies in store. But in most cases, they go unused. With our Planzer Synergistics brand, we tap into them for your company so you can focus on your core competencies. As your provider for fourth-party logistics (4PL), we hold all the threads of your logistics in one hand. The red ones in this case are efficiency, quality and flexibility.

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Benefit from an optimum service, without compromise or restrictions.


To get started, we examine your current supply chain and check your processes, locations, means of transport, throughput times, inventory, warehousing and transport costs, tonnages and other logistics metrics. This analysis reveals where you have room for improvement. We then define your new objectives and corresponding measures. We explain how you can orchestrate the individual logistics providers. And we put together an individualised, comprehensive concept with a three- to five-year plan.


At this point, we put your new logistics solution into practice – in your company, with your customers, with your logistics providers and with us. This includes the adaptation of your software landscape and IT as well as the data migration to new systems. In many cases, it will also change your organisational chart. As a supplement, we train your users on site and introduce checks. The entire transformation comes into effect step by step as a ‘continuous improvement’ process in optimisation stages.


Countries, partners, systems – to keep them all coordinated you need expertise and technology. With our cockpit and a state-of-the-art ERP system, our experienced experts guide you through your new logistics. They record your transport, warehouse or inventory orders, plan the routes, select the right means of transport, pass along customer feedback to you and identify further potential for optimisation. They’re there for you and the 1st-level support. You can track the shipment status of your goods via the cockpit at any time. 

Freight settlement

Managing your logistics can be an unnecessary drain on your resources. So we take over the billing and checking of your supplier invoices for you. We also present your key figures in a clear way. If desired, we can also provide additional services such as a risk assessments or evaluation of transport insurance. In the event of damage, you can have us handle the entire claims settlement and coordinate the involved parties such as insurers, forwarding agencies, shipping companies and air carriers.

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Press release

by Daniel Diaz · Wednesday 10 February 2021

Planzer Synergistics and DB Schenker take flight with medical protective equipment

‘As a neutral 4PL provider, we get the very best out of the market for our customers.

Thanks to our network, we can not only do only airport-to-airport, but also door-to-door – around the clock and around the world,’

says Michael Stoll, Managing Director of Planzer Synergistics.

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Customer portal

In our customer portal, you will find a range of apps for managing your transport and warehouse logistics data around the clock. Here is an overview of the key apps:

This is our web-based warehouse logistics tool for business and private customers. Here you can enter packing and picking orders, manage your warehouse master data, view your inventory, manage the blocking status and view and export delivery notes or invoice attachments. We electronically archive all documents relating to your stored goods. 

Track your general cargo, overnight, parcel and Home Services shipments in (almost) real time. As soon as we receive the goods, we apply an electronic tag to every shipping unit. So you always know exactly where your shipment is. As soon as we have delivered it, the delivery confirmation will be available to you as a PDF no later than three minutes after the recipient has signed it. You can also adapt automatic notifications to the needs of your customers. 

This app helps you manage your transport orders quickly and securely. You can enter them right in the system or change key data such as recipient instructions, delivery time or type of goods. All data from current orders is continuously retained so you can view it at any time.


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Automatic data transfer

Our IT department uses an electronic data interface (EDI) to link your ERP software with our transport or warehouse logistics system – or both. This ensures that all transport-related data such as sender and recipient, type of goods, number of items, packaging, gross weight, dimensions and all the information required for warehouse logistics such as article master data, production order, parts list, customer order, status bookings and returns handling match your ERP data. If you do not want an EDI interface, you can enter your orders manually in our customer portal.

Greater benefits, greater value

With us, you reduce the costs of your supply chain because we pool volume and transport jobs for you.

With us, you can make your fixed costs for personnel, vehicles and warehouse space variable.

As your supply chain manager, we raise the quality of your logistics and ensure fulfilment of your service level agreements.

Because you can count on our time and people, your manpower needs can become that much more flexible.

We make your value creation chain leaner and smoother. You can invest that money to better effect.

You optimise your taxes by reducing your customs duties or handling your VAT professionally.

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