In our repair logistics, we handle the repair process for you and combine it with our Home Services. We also offer you a range of services from a single source: the pick-up of TVs, monitors and other electronic equipment from the end customer, transport to the repair service provider, any customs clearance, intermediate or longer-term storage, data capture and management, and delivery to the end location.

Services for everything that needs to be repaired


We pick up the defective device from your end customer on your behalf. We bring along specially developed reusable packaging that offers maximum transport safety and is environmentally friendly.


We transport the goods to your service partner or to your own repair centre. If a component is irreparable, we notify you immediately and take your instructions, such as exchanging it for a new device. If necessary and desired, we can handle the customs clearance for you.


As soon as the device has been repaired, we pick it up from your contractual partner, pack it back up again in a transport-safe manner and return it to your end customer. For devices and components up to 34 inches, you can use our parcel service.

Data use

Thanks to our mobile capture of equipment and logistics data, you have all the information you need for end-to-end documentation of the repair history and full traceability of the components.

Service as an experience

After the order, delivery is the focus for the private or business recipient. Particularly with fitness equipment, which often calls for additional services in the home or studio, such as setup and disposal of the packaging. With our Home Services web app, your private and business recipients enjoy extras like online appointment selection, shipping notification with live tracking and much more. If there are any questions, our Customer Service Centre is happy to help.

Greater benefits, greater value

With our highly motivated staff and state-of-the-art software for Home Services jobs, we ensure the most positive end customer experience possible.

This builds trust and pays dividends for your company in several ways.

If desired, we can provide a seamless connection of your ERP to our system via electronic data interfaces (EDI). This eliminates the need for manual shipment entry as the data is transmitted automatically.

Using TransNet, you can enter new shipping orders – from anywhere and at any time.

Our own Planzer drivers are trained by us at our in-house training centres.

They assist your end customers in the respective national language and usually even in the local dialect.

End customers give our Home Services great ratings.

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