Our IT department is constantly growing; the Planzer Group now employs more than 70 staff members to deal with various IT issues.

Maison du Software – custom digital solutions.

We have founded a boutique software company with an office next to the Prime Tower in Zurich to support the existing department in Dietikon.

This will allow us to both transfer our existing in-depth knowledge from Dietikon to Zurich and to establish new areas of expertise in a fresh environment with a new brand. Of course, we will also take advantage of synergies.  

All support and operation teams will remain in Dietikon. The Zurich office will focus primarily on developing new technologies, including the following activities:

  • Development of apps
  • Cloud services
  • Development of software in the cloud
  • Design, programming and training concerning websites and their applications

We hope that the location in Zurich will also aid us in finding the right IT engineers and developers on the job market.

You can find more information at:

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