To ensure smooth transshipment, we have rolled out the ProGlove hand-back scanner at all our transshipment locations. This light, easy-to-use device leavers our pickers’ hands and heads free. Because they no longer have to get off the forklift or high-speed conveyor for packing and unpacking.

Where is the scanner? On a pallet, on the shelf, at the charging station. Which means get off, look for it, find it, get on, drive away. Which in turn means losing valuable time. And time is in very short supply in transshipment from rail to road.

No more conventional scanners

Conventional barcode scanners are often highly impractical and cumbersome. They’re on the forklift, the high-speed conveyor, on a pallet or somewhere else where employees have to first pick them up to scan an item. They have been in use for decades, even though they no longer live up to today’s requirements. The functionality of the conventional barcode reader is outdated and you can’t customise them, so we replaced them with the Mark 2 hand scanner from ProGlove.

Hands free

Thanks to an extended scanning distance of up to 10 metres and more reliable detection, our pickers can easily capture barcode labels. The wrist cuff keeps both hands free and ensures full freedom of movement. And because the scanner is equipped with Bluetooth, it can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled PC, mobile or tablet – Android or iOS.

On the ball, on time

The new generation of hand scanners makes things a lot easier because we can carry them during the entire working day and scan a code at any time. Using ProGlove solutions improves our process quality, and we always know where goods are. This saves our employees valuable minutes when they’re loading and unloading vehicles – time freed up for the next vehicle or that we can use to help our customers.

‘Our customers enjoy the great benefit of being able to track their goods from the transfer point at any time; they can follow the whole process via Track & Trace.’

Michael Zambelli, Support National, Planzer Dietikon

With ProGlove hand scanners, we ensure uninterrupted workflow in transshipment. This simplifies our processes and improves our employees’ working day.



ProGlove is a German company with a young team of engineers and software developers. They have a true focus on people and use Industry 4.0 technologies. Their ergonomic hand scanner solutions accelerate the supply chain, offer cost savings through hyper-efficiency, reduce scanning errors and improve product availability to increase customer satisfaction. More at

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