As Swiss Combi AG – consisting of ourselves, Planzer Holding AG (40%), and logistics service providers Camion Transport AG (40%), Galliker Holding AG (10%) and Bertschi AG (10%) – we have taken a 35% share in Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB Cargo AG (hereinafter referred to as SBB Cargo AG). SBB AG remains the majority shareholder with 65%.

Joint development of the Swiss freight rail success story

SBB Cargo AG has been run by the board of directors as an independent affiliate since early 2019 – a requirement for partners to come on board. Following approval of the merger by the competition authorities, SBB AG accounts for the majority on the board of directors.

As Swiss Combi AG, we provide two board members, Nils Planzer and Josef Jäger (Camion Transport). The board of directors also has one independent member. The new chair of the board of directors of SBB Cargo AG is expected to be named in 2020.

With this commitment, we are pursuing the joint development of the Swiss freight rail success story. We have made our contribution to this story in the goods transport sector since 1997 with the takeover of CDS Cargo Domizil AG. Together with our partners, we have an exciting starting point for working together on ensuring the economic viability of SBB Cargo AG and contributing our logistics expertise. This allows us to strengthen our strategy in combined transport and continue to develop the modal split (share of road/rail transport) in rail’s favour. This makes both economic (use of overnight links, no time lost due to traffic disruption) and environmental sense. Freight rail will continue to provide services in the logistics supply chain for all existing customers, and, where possible, new customers as well. It will also increase capacity, whether in combined or in wagonload transport. This should boost reliability and efficiency even further. Work is also currently underway on new logistics solutions in areas such as gate-to-gate and supply/disposal services (in densely populated areas), and city logistics.

This is making rail more competitive in customers’ logistics supply chains. Transport carriers are used based on their strengths: rail for long distances between economic regions, road for distribution to end customers.

Planzer, the logistics company

Even today, Planzer handles an impressive share of 23,000 shipments per day via environmentally friendly rail transport.

The Swiss logistics company Planzer is now in its third generation and employs around 5,300 staff members (including over 330 apprentices), mostly in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. It offers various logistics services, such as transport including parcel services and warehouse logistics, in over 60 locations.

A milestone in more than eight decades of company history came in 1997 with the takeover of CDS Cargo Domizil AG from SBB with partners. This allowed Planzer to transport goods over long distances between different economic regions via freight railway. The company now has 13 of its own railway centres (logistics centres with rail connections) for Swiss goods distribution. Planzer handles an impressive share of its 23,000 daily shipments via environmentally friendly rail transport. After all, the family-owned company places a high value on sustainable business and thinking about future generations.

SBB Cargo AG: number one in Swiss rail freight transport

Each year, SBB Cargo AG transports around 29.8 million net tonnes of goods within Switzerland via wagonload, block train and combined transport.

Accounting for almost a quarter of all freight traffic, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is the leading company in Swiss freight transport. SBB Cargo AG, which is the backbone of the Swiss economy and connects major economic regions, accounts for almost 16% of this. Each year, SBB Cargo AG transports around 29.8 million net tonnes of goods within Switzerland via wagonload, block train and combined transport – the equivalent of almost 10,000 lorry journeys per day. SBB Cargo International AG is the leading provider of trans-Alpine rail freight transport through Switzerland, with a market share of 38.1 percent.

In 2018, SBB Cargo AG recorded a revenue of CHF 742 million. Their fleet comprises 5,324 freight wagons, 313 mainline locomotives and 76 shunting locomotives. SBB Cargo AG was founded as a subsidiary of SBB in 1999 in the form of an ‘Aktiengesellschaft’ (comparable to a stock corporation) and employed 2,275 staff members in Switzerland by the end of 2018. Its headquarters are in Olten.

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