Some goods are in another dimension altogether – in length, width, weight, volume or complexity. For these cases, we turn to our network partners at Wespe Transport AG. They take care of your excess length, excess width, heavy transport, crane transport, special placements and everything else that goes beyond the scope of conventional general cargo transport.

XXL performance

Excess lengths and heavyweights

We transport extra-heavy goods and excess lengths of up to 40 meters such as beams, floodlights, high-voltage pylons, bridge elements and tractors. For this, we use open and cranked semi-trailers and mega semi-trailers.

Crane transport

Some goods are bulky, awkward, difficult to access or have to be placed on delicate surfaces. We work with powerful crane vehicles, with single- or double-tele cranes fitted with technological features such as radio remote control, turning forks and point loading.

Approvals, documents

Individual shipments of heavy, extra-long or hazardous goods may require the approval of one or more cantons, depending on the route. Not forgetting the shipping documents, completed in accordance with regulations.


Shipments and vehicles with oversized and hazardous goods must be escorted by the police or a private security service provider in Switzerland. You can leave the organisation and coordination to us.

Exceptional transport

There are limited transit times for the transport of certain excess loads through the Gotthard Tunnel, for which you require a special permit. We specialise in this kind of regulatory hurdle.

Greater benefits, greater value

  • We get your heavy, extra-long and delicate shipments safely and professionally to their destination.

  • And we always comply with all current legal provisions that apply for your special transport.

  • You can leave all the admin to us – freight documents, permits and escorts included.
  • We work with ultra-modern crane vehicles, covered and open vehicles, jumbo and low-bed vehicles as well as semi-trailers with single and double tele function.

  • They use our dense network of partner service providers and authorities.

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