The enormous complexity of import/export regulations and customs laws calls for considerable expertise, time and effort. All this is part of our core business. We have particular expertise in cross-border shipping between Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. We arrange import and export, EU or transit customs clearance on your behalf, and can stand in as your approved recipient/sender and at border offices. We are also happy to take care of your VAT issues and the correct classification of goods. Our customs agencies are at your disposal for all your import and export requirements. We also send you a clear, straightforward monthly statement that includes unit prices.

Cross-border services

Import/export Switzerland

If you want to import goods from abroad to Switzerland, or export them from here, we offer various customs services:

  • Generating and archiving electronic tax assessment decision (eVV) VAT and customs
  • VAT assessments
  • Follow-up checks by customs (preferential authorisation, archiving of original documents)
  • Creating statistics
  • Export checks
  • Export licences
  • Cites (species protection)
  • Three-way deals
  • Handling outside opening hours (Sundays and public holidays, late handling, scheduled transport)
  • Provisional and subsequent customs clearance
  • Corrections
  • Temporary clearance
  • Inward processing arrangements

Online customs clearance

In most countries, you can register imported or exported goods online. We are familiar with the customs applications of the Swiss and most common EU customs authorities, and we can register you and your goods online in their customs customer administration on your behalf. We issue new computerised transit system (NCTS) shipping documents for all EU states and contracting parties who participate in the NCTS.

Transit customs clearance

This customs procedure allows you to transport your goods duty-free and untaxed through Switzerland, the EU or EFTA countries. As this solely involves transit, the actual import or export customs clearance is only carried out in the country of destination. For the temporary import, export and transit of goods, we take care of your customs formalities with a Carnet ATA customs document or an escort ticket.

EU customs clearance

This form of import customs clearance allows you to declare your goods in any entry country of the EU (transit country) and deliver them tax-free to any other EU country (destination country). The best part is that the transit country doesn’t levy any import sales tax as your goods are only passing through.

Intrastat declaration

When you move goods within the EU, you have to submit an Intrastat declaration. This is used to statistically record the actual movement of goods between the EU member states. You can leave that up to us.

Goods classification

The customs tariff number is an international code. When we look after your goods classification, you can forget about objections during customs clearance and enjoy greater certainty in customs inspections. You also have correct master data for customs as a basis for the right origin calculation and application of the free trade agreement. Finally, we support you with tariff requests from the Federal Customs Administration (FCA).

AR and AS

Approved recipient (AR) and approved sender (AS): as your AR or AS, we carry out the import customs declaration or export customs declaration on your behalf. This means that you do not have to show the goods to the customs office at the point of departure or submit a dispatch declaration, but instead proceed quickly across the border. Our AR and AS locations are in Bachenbülach, Balerna, Bioggio, Birsfelden, Carouge, Chavornay, Conthey, Dietikon, Geneva, Härkingen, Kaiseraugst, Kölliken, Martigny, Meyrin, Montano Lucino, Penthalaz, Plan les Ouates, Pratteln, Root, Rothrist, Schaffhausen, Singen, St. Gallen, Stabio, Tolochenaz, Villmergen and Wikon.

Open customs warehouses (OCW)

On request, we can store your international general cargo in our open customs warehouses in the Swiss customs area. Your goods transit from the border to the warehouse without having to be cleared through an official customs office. This means you can store goods in transit without paying import duties, or only after the storage has ended. Naturally, you can use our infrastructure and all warehouse logistics services without restriction.

Our customs agents

Our around 100 in-house customs agents carry out import customs clearance for you with e-dec/Declare-it, handle the provisionally cleared shipments and all customs formalities, procure missing documents, clear up questions about customs clearance and maintain communication with the customs office.

Planzer customs offices

We maintain our own customs offices at Swiss border crossings in Weil am Rhein, St. Louis, Ramsen, Balerna and Geneva (Bardonnex). Your drivers can carry out spontaneous customs clearance here.

Services to get you over the line

Greater benefits, greater value

On request, we can explain to you which customs documents you require and handle all customs formalities for you.

We make dealing with customs authorities easier for you.

This extensive knowledge benefits you in the form of time and money.

As we are acting as the AR/AS for you at multiple locations in Switzerland, your goods never get stuck at the border.

As your tax representative, we take care of your reporting and declaration obligations.

We can ensure you submit correct declarations and VAT statements.

We can always count on your expertise and skills to make sure all our products clear customs every year. Day in, day out, we can live and breathe the commitment we share of making the love and benefits of sport more accessible to as many people as possible!

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