Make the night work for you – that’s the idea behind the Quali-Night service. We pick your goods up at the agreed shipping location and transport them to our centre in Kölliken without transshipment. Here, the shipments are sorted and distributed via the delivery routes.

The consignments are delivered throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein the same night by 7:00 am – if required to your technician’s service vehicle or directly to your workshop so the spare parts are on site before work begins.

Peak performance night after night

National night service

We deliver your parcels throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein by 7:00 am at the latest. The cut-off time is 10:00 pm. You can give us shipments of up to 200 kg and 3 m in length, with the exception of:

– precious metals
– watches
– money
– securities
– medication

International night service

Europe is on our way to work. We also guarantee delivery here by 7:00 am. The only difference is we set different cut-off times. Good to know: we’ll take care of the customs clearance bureaucracy for you.

European Service Logistics Association (ESLA)

ESLA brings together the best overnight express service providers from 20 European countries. We are the first and only Swiss company to bring you the benefits of this network, with premium quality and added-value services, and always on schedule.

Returns management

When we pick up general cargo for the overnight service, we take your returns with us the next day. On request, you can have express returns back to you within 36 hours. With ‘Track & Trace’, you can track every single shipment and return.

Overnight express in figures

The figures for our overnight service partner Quali-Night AG speak for themselves: night after night, Quali-Night sends its nighthawks on 90 regular rounds in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. And that’s how 4,000 shipments – 10,000 packages or 100 tonnes of transported goods – reach their destination by 7:00 am.

Overtaking the competition overnight

Availability, speed, reliability, security – these and other qualities are in strong demand in the overnight business. No one knows that better than Winkler Fahrzeugteile GmbH. That’s why the southern German family business opted for Quali-Night as its night service provider in Switzerland. ‘We owe part of our success to professional partners like Quali-Night,’ says René Horath, Sales Director for Switzerland.

Customer portal

In our customer portal, you will find a range of apps for managing your transport and warehouse logistics data around the clock. Here is an overview of the key apps:

Track & Trace
With this tool, you can track your Home Services, general cargo, parcel and overnight shipments in (almost) real time. Because as soon as we receive the goods, we apply an electronic tag to every shipping unit. So you always know exactly where your shipment is. As soon as we have delivered it, the delivery confirmation will be available to you as a PDF no later than three minutes after the recipient has signed it. You can also adapt automatic notifications to the needs of your customers. 

This app helps you manage your transport orders quickly and securely. You can enter them right in the system or change key data such as recipient instructions, delivery time or type of goods. All data from current orders is continuously retained so you can view it at any time.


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Automatic data transfer

Our IT department uses an electronic data interface (EDI) to link your ERP software with our transport or warehouse logistics system – or both. This ensures that all transport-related data such as sender and recipient, type of goods, number of items, packaging, gross weight, dimensions and all the information required for warehouse logistics such as article master data, production order, parts list, customer order, status bookings and returns handling match your ERP data. If you do not want an EDI interface, you can enter your orders manually in our customer portal.

Greater benefits, greater value

With us, you can extend your service time at night and improve efficiency for your customers.

Our overnight express reduces time to market. This reduces the amount of capital-intensive inventory tied up in storage.

You always have the same professional driving your overnight express route. They know the site well, and your special requirements.

Your route is assigned electronically and optimised for time efficiency.

We notify your recipient via SMS that they will receive a delivery the following night.

We get the goods to exactly where your recipient wants them to be.

Our super-modern facilities ensure secure transport and quiet loading and unloading.

We guarantee the highest level of transshipment security and maximum efficiency with our video-monitored transshipment platform.

With ‘Track & Trace’, you can keep up to date with the delivery status of your shipments around the clock.

Part of our success we owe to professional partners like Quali-Night.

René Horath Winkler Fahrzeugteile GmbH

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