Our road feeder service transports your bonded air freight on the road. This is how we consolidate the freight at your main airports. We use the latest jumbo trailers with rollerbeds, qualified drivers and sophisticated security arrangements.

Services that give you wings

Special vehicles

Our vehicles for air freight traffic are equipped with rollerbed systems. They can hold aircraft containers or air freight pallets that exactly match the interior of an aircraft fuselage. Most of the trucks are configured as jumbo trailers. And temperature control for the (refrigerated) transport of pharmaceuticals is guaranteed around the clock.

Special drivers

Only reliable, professional drivers with airfreight and ADR training are deployed on road feeder service routes. They are used to dealing with handling agents and enhanced security measures – and they’re not afraid of sniffer dogs.

Special security

Road feeder services are subject to enhanced security standards. For example, freight is sealed for the journey and only released after it has been checked at the destination airport. And ‘sniffers’ search the vehicles for explosives before they can be unloaded.

Special status

We act as a regulated agent (RA) on your behalf. This means that the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) recognises us an air freight-secure agent. And that in turn means we can transport secure air freight to all European airports, which can only be done with a security programme and trained staff.

At Planzer in Villmergen and Pratteln, we also meet all the security requirements for international goods traffic as an authorised economic operator (AEO). This means that we – and your shipments – are quickly waved through at the airport. That saves time and stress.

Greater benefits, greater value

You can count on our regular quality checks and the uncompromising safety of our vehicles,

Our drivers receive the best training for the road feeder service – plus they’re well paid.

By taking some of your freight to your main airport, we free up your air freight capacities.

As an authorised economic operator, we guarantee the reliability of your international supply chain.

Thanks to its extremely high quality, flexibility and expertise, Planzer has been THE airfreight logistics partner for our shipments to various European airports for more than 20 years. Thank you very much for your outstanding efforts and commitment.

Martin Spiess United Airlines Schweiz

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