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Step by step with clarity

For us, sustainability includes the environmentally correct handling of resources. By this we mean an entrepreneurial long-term view that secures an economically and socially healthy future for us and our descendants. Learn more about our commitment to the future in our sustainability report.

Railway transport

We arrange the transport of your goods on different modes of transport in an environmental and resource-optimised manner. Today around 60% runs on the low-emission railway, which we use via thirteen of our own railway centres from all regions of Switzerland. By using the railway at night we turn your night into day and avoid unneeded downtime or waiting time. What is more: We schedule for the best time planning, combine assignments, avoid empty runs and regularly provide our drivers with further training in EcoDrive. Our modal split relieves the environment by approx. 39'516 truck runs or 6949,68 tons of CO2 per year.

Our process in detail:


Electric truck

For some years now we have been out and about even more ecologically: With the electric truck we service the cities 100% emissions-free and at low noise levels. Here are a few interesting facts on this:

  E-Truck Diesel truck
Energy consumption
– Motorway
– Intercity/city


80–110 kWh/100 km
(=8–11 l diesel)

60–90 kWh/100 km
(= 6–9 l diesel)

Ø 24/25 l diesel/100 km

Ø 28/30 l diesel/100 km

Total weight

18 tons

18 tons
Load capacity 6.5 tons approx. 7.4 tons
Brakes ABS-EBS

ABS-EBS, parking distance warning systems have the same standard of technology in both vehicles.

Other areas
  • lower servicing and maintenance costs
  • smaller range (approx. 250 km)
  • lower noise and pollutant emissions (CO2 neutral)
  • higher servicing and maintenance costs
  • larger range (with full tank)

Go to the Planzer electric truck fact sheet.

City logistics

We use this term to refer to an intelligently designed pick-up and delivery logistics system for urban centres using the railway as the main transport carrier. The goals: Ensuring quality of supply, reducing load pressure in city centres and optimising the economy of urban freight transport. In the city of Zurich alone, for example, we are saving around 7600 kg of CO2 per day.

In CityLogistics we bundle your deliveries on pick-up from across the whole of Switzerland, deliver them overnight by rail to the municipal railway centre, where we sort them anew and distribute them by truck, electric truck, small vehicle or cargo bike on short, district-specific delivery runs. We combine the return journey with a further pick-up. Our city chauffeurs always drive the same tour, so they know each construction site, every district road, every customer and every feature around your delivery.