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Much commitment, more value

The character of our company culture can be seen as the sum of our personal qualities. As a traditional company, we uphold values which have kept us on a successful course for a long time – with enthusiasm for our profession, deep regional roots, and lots of fun working together.


With simple structures and a high level of professionalism in place, we are able to concentrate on our core services of transportation, warehouse logistics and special services.


As a family operation, we maintain loyalty, trust, personal relationships, and individual responsibility. We focus on your satisfaction – and not on ourselves.


We seek not only the fastest route, but also the cleverest. Conservation of our environment is part of our sportsmanship – because we cannot move without it.


With our courage to try new things and a sense of the doable, hardly any prospect is too daring for us. In this process, we ensure extensive safety and security. And we provide solid training at all levels.