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Maximum commitment

A commitment to our society is a matter of course for us. We support long-term projects with selected sponsoring commitments. For example:



The "Quality Alliance Eco-Drive" was founded in 2000 with the aim of reducing fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions through economic driving, and of improving road traffic safety by encouraging a partner-like driving style. Our environment is extremely important to us, therefore we have been recognised as a certified Eco-Drive trainer since 2010 and we support the current "Clever Driving" campaign. More at:


FC Dietikon


Football Club Dietikon, which was founded in 1908, has around 900 members and 300 to 350 juniors, making it the largest sporting association in the Limmattal region. Planzer offers its support to FCD, the number one team in the top league, in order that it can nurture fresh young talent in the future too. More at:




With more than 200 members, the Handball Club Dietikon-Urdorf is one of the largest sporting associations in Limmattal. The HCDU is a Cool & Clean Member, which means that it actively promotes alcohol-free, nicotine-free and drug-free sport. The youth are our future, therefore we support the club as its main sponsor. More at:


Nez Rouge


Every year during the Christmas season, Nez Rouge engages a network of volunteers to offer a taxi service to prevent drunk driving. We have been financially supporting this organisation since 2010 and promote its valuable service on the tail ends of our lorries. More at:


Schweizer (SwissTable)


In keeping with the motto ‘give food away rather than throw it away’, Schweizer Tafel (Swiss Table) collects almost 18 tonnes of food from producers, wholesalers and retailers every single day. This food is then distributed free to social institutions. We support Schweizer Tafel by providing transportation. More at:


Seniorenbühne Zürich


The Zürcher Seniorenbühne – the oldest senior theatre troupe of its kind – has been around since 1975. Sixty or so times a year, male and female theatre enthusiasts step onto the stage with a new theatrical piece. Seniorenbühne offers its members the chance to spend their free time in a meaningful way and in the great company of like-minded people. They primarily perform at events held at nursing or retirement homes as well as at afternoon events held for seniors. Planzer has been supporting this wonderful project since 2014. More at:


Tischlein deck dich


“Tischlein Deck dich” saves good food from being thrown away and distributes it to people affected by poverty across Switzerland. The association thus makes a socially significant and ecologically sustainable contribution towards handling food with care. We support “Tischlein Deck dich” with transports. Find out more on:


Umwelt Arena


The aim of the "Umwelt Arena" exhibition platform that opened in 2012 is to explain key sustainability-related themes in simple terms and bring them to life for young and old visitors alike. The aim is to motivate the 100,000 or so visitors each year to use resources in a sustainable way and to inform them about modern environmental technologies. Umwelt Arena is a place where knowledge, learning and the exchanging of experience are in abundance. The new "Mobility" exhibition opened in April 2016. Umwelt Arena's goal is to become established as a technically competent and leading centre in this subject area. We have entered into a partnership with Umwelt Arena in order to showcase our activities at the exhibition centre. More at: